Custom Shop - Maintenance & Repairs

Drum Doctors is the ultimate customizing and repair facility. We are available for
everything from regular maintenance, cleaning and repair to restoring, recovering, re-edging.
Additionally, we specialize in the custom manufacturing of drums to your specifications.

· Custom Lacquer - we can paint your drums in any way your heart desires.
· Custom Plating - Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Brass ... You name it, we'll plate it
· Custom Bass Drum Head Graphics
· Restoration - Complete from the ground up
· Re-Pearling - We'll wrap'em. Choose from: pearls, sparkles, satin flames, honeycombs.
· Edges - Precision cut to enhance any drum's quality and tunability.
· Custom Drum Manufacture - That's right, we'll build'em for your specific needs.
· Flight Cases - We can custom manufacture road cases to transport anything safely.

Call Now To Schedule A Check-Up
So if for any reason you’re not satisfied by the sound or response of your drums, if you’re getting ready for a project and you want to nail that "killer" drum sound or if your drums sound okay and you want to keep them that way, give us a call at 818-244-8123 to schedule an appointment. You can come to our office or ship them to us or we’ll be happy to make a house call. It’ll be more than painless -- we guarantee it’ll be just what the Doctor ordered.

Ross Garfield - Founder, Drum Doctors.

There is a difference between your drums and those played by the world’s leading drum artists. The difference is Drum Doctors - the drum sound specialist with the expertise and experience to get inside your heads to help you create the perfect drum sound for the music you play. For top drummers like Josh Freese, Abe Laboriel Jr., Jim Keltner, John Wysocki, Lars Ulrich, Joey Waronker, Dave Grohl, Ricky Lawson, Eric Kretz, Ginger Fish, Peter Erskine, Carla Azar, Brian MacLoud, Stevie Wonder and a host of others who depend on the highest level of performance and sound quality from their instruments at all times.

The Drum Doctors’ Advantage
In fact, just as professional race-car drivers compete with cars that are "tweaked" to perform at their maximum potential, professional drummers play drums that are specially "set-up" to fit their more critical needs in the studio and on the road. At Drum Doctors we inspect, true and recalibrate the bearing edges of all our drums. We use RIMS Suspension Mounts. We make sure all the fittings are adjusted and that all the parts are operating properly. As our work on dozens of Gold and Platinum recording projects has proven, when properly diagnosed these as well as many other small, often subtle refinements make a big improvement in a drums tone, response and recordability.
More Than Just A Great Drum Sound.
But, at Drum Doctors, getting your set professionally set up is just the start. We’re available 7 days a week to provide a wide range of products and services - from fully insured instrument storage, maintenance and cartage to on-call studio teching and tuning.
We have one of the most extensive rental stocks of classic, contemporary and custom acoustic and electronic drums in the world, including a collection of over 300 vintage snare drums, and we are authorized dealers for many major drum and drum accessory manufacturers. Our well-stocked, well-staffed repair department can expertly perform any procedure for customizing and modifying your existing kit to building a new kit to your personal specifications from the ground up.